A long time ago, a group of people were not considered to be as competent, clever or as important as other people.

They could not be trusted to do big jobs, own property, manage finances or make big decisions.

Their bodies were shameful and they were prone to wickedness and disordered thoughts.

They had to be managed, and contained.

Like cattle.

Those people were called Women.

Some of the Women decided this wasn’t really very fair. They had voices, and thoughts, and skills, and opinions. They had strength, and resilience, and compassion.

And they fought for equality.

Some of them even died for it.

Today, thanks to their efforts, I get to go and have my say on how my city and my country is run.

I get to be heard.

And I get to take my girls with me, tiny Women in waiting.

And I will tell them, that once upon a time they wouldn’t have been able to have their say. That once, their voices didn’t count – but the voices of the boys and men around them did.

I will tell them that they can change the world and make it better by raising their voices, raising their hands, raising their eyes.

They CAN make a difference.

It’s been done before. Not even so very long ago.

We just have to remember.

We just have to vote.