It’s this weekend, folks! This used to be the ‘good’ clock change, where you got an extra hour in bed. Now it’s the bad, BAAAD clock change, where you get an extra ungodly hour of your children. ;(

And it’s not just the farmers I’ve got a bone to pick with. You. You electronics companies with your fancy-pants auto-updating devices. Stop it. Because unless you also plan to come round and do my microwave, oven and car clocks, not only will I be woken up at 4.30-5am by my offspring for at least a bloody month, but for that same month I will also HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CKING TIME IS.

Oh, and Ceebeebies. DO NOT choose this as the time to f*ck about with your breakfast shows, K? Your programming is already the main means by which I manage the passage of time in a morning, and if this bedrock of our schedule is also messed around with I CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR MY ACTIONS.

I think that’s everyone on my List for today. Cheers.

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