Well, it’s finally here. The Big Small Person starts school. And despite my best intentions (and indeed my disgust) I’m an absolute WRECK. I know it’s just school. I know it’s exciting. I know she’ll be fine. But if I’m going down, dagnammit, I’m taking you all with me. Through the medium of mediocre poetry…


Goodbye baby, starting school
Decked out in uniform –
So big and strong and different
From the baby that was born.

Goodbye baby, four years old
So small and yet so wise.
I still see you as my baby,
Through your gingham disguise.

Goodbye baby, off you go
To start a brand new chapter.
I’ll be here, my mind aspin
With memories I can’t capture.

Goodbye baby, always active –
Finding your new groove.
But I know the flutter deep inside
Of your first flickering move.

Goodbye baby, whose tiny foot
Once fit inside my palm
Whose soul burned mine forever,
Both tinder and then balm.

Goodbye baby, suddenly
Turned into a young girl.
Whose pudgy thighs and gurgles
Disappeared in life’s cruel whirl.

Goodbye baby, and forgive me
For I know you still exist!
But time is moving far too fast
One blink, and so much missed.

Goodbye baby, my chest hurts
With pain and joy and pride.
I told the world I would be fine,
But now I know I lied.

Goodbye baby, you ARE ready –
It’s me lagging behind,
Astounded by your beauty
And the quick twists of your mind.

Goodbye baby, please don’t cling
I don’t think that I can bear it.
You’ll love it here, I know you will –
Like I know that I can’t share it.

Goodbye baby, I will smile
And keep the tears inside.
Because this is yours – it isn’t mine
I’m just here for the ride.

Goodbye baby, don’t be scared
It’s new, but that’s okay.
Those butterflies are helping you
Feel light enough to play.

Goodbye baby, I see you
Put on your bravest face,
And battle with your body
To keep the mask in place.

Goodbye baby, I am sorry
You have my fears and woes.
They’re heavy, but I promise
You’ll have highs as well as lows.

Goodbye baby, feeling wobbly
Just always think of this –
The brand of love you wear all day,
From every goodbye kiss.

Goodbye baby, good luck too
But I know you’ll find your path –
Because you are bold, brave, kind and true
With sunshine in your laugh.

Goodbye baby, go explore
And laugh, and learn and TRY
You’ve crawled and walked and run along,
But now it’s time to fly!

Goodbye baby, time to go
And learn to change the world
As step-by-step and thought-by-thought,
Your potential is unfurled.

Goodbye baby, please be kind:
Be the best you you can be.
I can’t wait to hear about it,
Counting down to half past three.

Goodbye baby, I LOVE you.
Remember on weekdays,
That part of you lives in my heart
And me in yours, always.

Goodbye baby, once for all
Because when you come back home
You’ll be my babe in arms no more,
Less mine and more your own.

Goodbye baby, please just promise
You won’t grow up too fast.
I still need my baby in my arms,
And not just in the past.

Goodbye baby, hello big girl –
Look back once in awhile.
Because I’ll still be here watching,
Just waiting for your smile.